Shipping service

Secure shipping via Fedex
The compilation of a fingerprint file for the application of a VOG is different for each country that requires fingerprints. Nevertheless, with respect to the various different procedures, there is an important similarity and that is the risk that will always exist from the moment the fingerprint file is sent to the relevant screening authority and the moment of delivery there.

A fingerprint file as compiled by Van Kappel Security contains data/documents that it is particularly undesirable for them to fall into the wrong hands such as a fingerprint card or a copy of a passport. In addition, address information and sometimes even credit card information. However, the downside risk is only really great when a complete file falls into the wrong hands. In fact, it contains a complete identity of a client, incl. biometric data, address, date of birth, bank information.

With respect to this, it is up to our clients whether they send the file we compile themselves or have us do so. In all cases it will be urged to send the file by fedex because of reliability criteria measured against our experience going back 21 years.

If Van Kappel Security takes care of shipping, which is the case in 99% of cases, we exclusively use Fedex for that purpose. Simply because Fedex is the only carrier that keeps the shipment in-house from start to finish. They pick it up and deliver it mostly the next day.

The cost to do so is substantial but in the context of 1. Speed 2. Safety and 3. Reliability puts fedex high above its competition which guarantees smooth and adequate shipment of your identity.

When a transport is booked, a tracking code is generated and sent to our client by return mail. Combined with photos of the pending file and the tracking code, insight is gained about the status of the shipment and the opportunity to get in on time should the need arise.