Bullying & Threats

Bullying & Threats
I am being bullied
I am being bullied at work! And this week even threatened! That has to stop!
You have been working at a company for a few years, in a group of colleagues. You are the only one of immigrant origin. You are not as articulate as your colleagues. In the beginning, your immediate supervisor made the occasional racially tinged comment, but in recent months he has been doing it more and more frequently. And your colleagues who didn't participate in the beginning now do: "The boss doesn't say anything about it anyway." In fact, you have been threatened with physical violence twice in the past week. The company is not doing well and people may have to leave soon.

Are they trying to bully me away? How do I stop them? And how do I prove, that I am being bullied and threatened?
Bullying and harassment in the workplace are much more common than most people think. In an investigation of bullying or harassment, Van Kappel Security Solutions BV first collects (visual) evidence. This holds up a mirror to perpetrators, and that alone often changes their behavior. If not, the evidence can be used in an employment law case. It also often helps that the evidence we provide gives management a concrete picture of what is going on in the workplace. Frequently, the costs of the detective work are eventually reimbursed by management or can be claimed in legal proceedings. In fact, there is bad employment practice because your employer is obligated to ensure your safety within the company. Together with your attorney, Van Kappel Security Solutions BV makes a fist against bullies.
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