Privacy fingerprints

Privacy fingerprints
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date: 11-06-2018
document version: 1/11-06
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privacy officer: Stephan van Kappel
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This privacy statement is prepared by S. van Kappel for Van Kappel Security Solutions BV (VKSS) and covers the data of our clients within the fingerprint section. The fingerprinting section has service tasks with the objective of having our clients obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct (hereafter: VOG) by means of personal identification by means of ID and fingerprints.

The information generated through this website and any subsequent additions are expressly used solely for the purpose of accurately representing your data on documentation for your application for a VOG issued in your name from America, Canada or elsewhere. This information is necessary in order to prove your identity satisfactorily to the authority that will issue a requested VOG in your name. This statement is then made known to the client by the relevant authority without knowledge or any further interference by Van Kappel Security Solutions BV. No information regarding the outcome of the investigation will be stored by van Kappel Security Solutions BV.

Van Kappel Security Solutions BV is responsible for transferring a file to a screening authority. In doing so, the following elements apply:
- Generating fingerprints of our client and reproducing them in accordance with the technical standards applicable for this purpose on a document/fingerprint card required for this purpose;
- Ensure that the file to be sent is complete and fully compliant with the particular application and its requirements;
- Informing/advising client regarding the completion of the client portion of the file and its transmission;
- Ensuring the most optimal processing, storage and shipment of a application file regarding the purpose and security of said information.

Van Kappel Security Solutions BV stores the data provided by the client no longer than strictly necessary; Immediately after completing and processing the fingerprint cards using the software developed by us for this purpose and adding your fingerprints, all data are removed from the portal. The fingerprint cards printed on paper that have your personal data on them. Your fingerprints and the information provided by you through the portal will not be copied or stored by Van Kappel Security Solutions BV. In exceptional cases we are willing to make a copy of what is sent however it should be kept by you. Given the AVG legislation, it is not possible for us to keep them in a legally sound manner.

Immediately after printing the fingerprint cards at the Van Kappel Security Solutions BV office, all information is removed from our information system. The completed cards are collected as soon as possible, usually the same day, "by traceable means" and sent to the authority that is to perform the screening. The shipping envelope is sealed in the presence of the client and a track and trace code is communicated to him or her that allows the shipment to be tracked until the time of delivery. The name and signature of the employee of the receiving screening agency are hereby retrievable and printable online.

The information processed is personalized. This information determines your identity and rights can be derived from it by you. The value of this is great and so is the need to handle it carefully and, above all, safely. The information required is intended to determine whether a risk exists with respect to your person within a future position or an extension of an already existing position, appointment or activity. This is often based on the public interest, making the proper handling of your data even more important. Processing the information provided and the means used to do so serves a pragmatic purpose and requires a high degree of security of the process. During the process, questions are constantly asked: how valuable is the information, what can or does one want with it, and how secure is the way the information is processed, transmitted and stored.

Portal at
We use a portal that can be completed by you, the applicant, through the Internet. This "network environment" is secured with an SSL certification and only accessible through a password known only to one employee of Van Kappel Security Solutions BV. Employees are screened by the Department of Justice for reliability and competence. You can rest assured that your data will be kept secure from the time you fill out the portal until the fingerprint cards are shipped. During this period, you will have the opportunity at any time to review the information we have briefly retained and modify it as necessary.

Information sharing
The information is and will remain your property. Van Kappel Security Solutions BV is not entitled to disclose the information to third parties, nor to change it without the consent of the client, nor to use it for any purpose other than that underlying the obtaining of the VOG at your request, your initiative and in your interest. None of what you communicate to us in good faith will be disclosed to third parties or used in any way for purposes such as marketing, research, statistics or related purposes. The information will expressly be used only for the purpose underlying the obtaining of the VOG.

Article 13 WPBR 1.
Any person who works or has worked for a security organization or detective agency and in the process receives or has received information of which he knows or should reasonably suspect the confidential nature, is obliged to maintain the confidentiality of such information, except insofar as any statutory regulation obliges him to disclose or the disclosure arises from his activities carried out in accordance with the license referred to in section 2, subsection 1.

Sending information
Explicitly only at your request and at your direction will the information you make known to us be sent to the screening executive. You can also choose to take care of this yourself and bring the documentation personally, which will complete the assignment to van Kappel Security Solutions BV at that time. Thereafter, no information regarding your person is in our possession except your name and address for billing purposes. If van Kappel Security Solutions BV takes care of shipment of documents, this is done through the transport company FedEx. To this end, that is the safest and fastest option since FedEx does not allow interference from other transportation companies. The documents are handed over to FedEx at the Van Kappel Security Solutions BV office and usually delivered to the screening authority by FedEx the next business day. A tracking code allows you to track the status of the shipment.

Accountability of tasks
Van Kappel Security Solutions BV performs tasks to ensure that you have your VOG from America, Canada, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand etc. within the shortest possible time frame. The key to our methodology lies in gathering the information required to get what is at stake here. In doing so, we have a monitoring role with respect to everything that secures your identity in this. Then we make sure the information gets to where it needs to go. On top of that, we do all that within a secure environment without anything traceable to you remaining with us afterwards. Your safety and your privacy come together as our concern here.

At the personal request of the Consul of the United States of America, Van Kappel Security Solutions BV has obtained its license in order to do what is necessary for the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) to make identities of clients from the Netherlands sufficiently known and to demonstrate so that for them a VOG can be issued. In this, different degrees are distinguished, according to the importance and degree of security herein requires attention. Gradually the Canadian authorities also followed suit, and there is regular contact with both embassies in The Hague and the consulate in Amsterdam. Also the Ministry of Justice and that of Internal and Foreign Affairs regularly call on the services of Van Kappel Security Solutions BV with which we operate with discretion and integrity at the highest level.