Who demolishes my stuff and with it my business?
Systematically, material damage is done in my business. There has since been a major feud between employees accusing each other and the company is on its knees!
You are owner-director of a manufacturing company. The production process takes place 24 hours a day through the use of shifts. For several months now, things of various kinds have been regularly and wantonly broken . Personal belongings of employees but also things that interfere with the production process such as machines being disabled to the point of damaging the final product. It has the appearance of one or more employees sabotaging things internally but it can also come from outside. Or is it just a madman? The worst part is actually the unrest and distrust within the company that is only growing. Three are already home sick.

Who demolishes my stuff and with it my business? It's driving me crazy! Why anyway, I didn't do anything wrong to anyone and the atmosphere was always good!
Van Kappel Security Solutions BV is priority investigating the true circumstances of the sabotage, focusing particularly on the underlying motive. It is very important to know what the reason is. You are right to ask yourself whether outside influences, possibly a competitor, have a hand in this. Van Kappel Security Solutions BV investigates unnoticed and extremely discreetly who is responsible for this. If it is an employee, you can fire him under Article 7:678 of the Civil Code. Not inconceivable is the use of an infiltrator who is "simply" participating in the work process.
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