Child support fraud

Child support fraud
I have to pay alimony
Ok, I have to pay alimony, but only if my ex is entitled to that money
You pay your ex a decent amount of alimony every month. This is what the judge has determined. Only, are the details your ex has given to the judge correct? Because you have the strong impression that your ex now lives with a new partner and forms an "economic unity" with him. Moreover, you have received signals that your ex has also been working in a barber store again for some time now. Questions about these matters are routinely evaded by her..... You want to keep your children out of the issue; they are having a hard enough time as it is....

Am I being fooled and paying too much child support? Is it true that my ex is living together? And has his own income? Van Kappel Security Solutions BV searches thoroughly and precisely what the actual situation is. We are experts when it comes to the criteria used by the law in alimony cases. Our research is tailored to this. In addition, we take into account the emotional charge of such an issue. Facts are reported systematically, substantiated and in a legally sound manner. This contributes in almost all proven fraud cases to adjusting the amount of alimony or even terminating the alimony obligation altogether.
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