Ministry of Justice
Van Kappel Security Solutions BV has a license from the Ministry of Justice to maintain a private detective agency and is thus authorized to conduct detective investigations on behalf of third parties. The license referred to in Article 2 paragraph 1 WPBR is registered with the Ministry of Justice under number POB 1196.

The investigation employees of Van Kappel Security Solutions BV hold the mbo diploma Private Investigator. They meet the requirements of competence and reliability on which a statement has been issued by the Gooi and Vechtstreek Police Department in accordance with art. 7 paragraph 2 WPBR. Employees are in possession of a valid Particulier Rechercheur identification card issued by the Chief of Police Gooi and Vechtstreek in accordance with art. 9 paragraph 8 WPBR.

Personal Data Authority
Regarding the protection of data, especially personal data, Mr. K. is a member of the Board of Directors. S. van Kappel registered as Data Protection Officer (FG) for the organization Van Kappel Security Solutions BV with the registration number FG011253. This registration ensures the authority and legitimacy for the responsible processing of personal data.

Van Kappel Security Solutions BV complies with the privacy code of conduct drawn up by the VPB, in accordance with Art. 23a of the Private Security Organizations and Detective Agencies Regulations.

Van Kappel Security Solutions BV is, in accordance with article 7.2.10 paragraph 1 of the Education and Vocational Education Act, authorized to provide the professional practice training for the mbo course Private Investigator. Internship candidates are selected on aptitude, reliability, prior education and motivation.