Job Application Fraud

Job Application Fraud
Is his resume correct?
That employee is not performing nearly as well as I might expect based on his education and experience. Was I fooled on the application? Is his resume correct?
A while ago, you hired a new employee. Based on his resume, excellent performance could be expected, but it is failing to materialize. You start to have strong doubts because of a few minor occurrences: does he have that industry experience, has he taken those courses, and has he held those previous positions? If he has demonstrably lied on his application or in his resume, even dismissal may follow. You doubt enough to really want the matter sorted out. Moreover, given his position, things could go very wrong if he does not have the expertise required. The misery is then incalculable.

I want to know now: was I fooled on the application or not?
Van Kappel Security Solutions BV discreetly and expertly verifies the truthfulness of the resume and employment history. If there is indeed fraud, you will have reliable material to confront the employee and present for dismissal.
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