The process: simple, thoughtful and effective
Intake Interview, Plan of Action and Quote, Research, Analysis, Reporting and Aftercare. Van Kappel Security Solutions BV goes through this process with every investigation assignment. A potential assignment begins with an intake interview: the problem is discussed with the client and analyzed by us. On this basis, we make a realistic estimate of the expected results.

Our approach is characterized by customized research with the right people and the right resources. Depending on the nature of the assignment, we review with the client which detection techniques should be used. The most common and effective investigative methods for gathering evidence and information are:
- Interview - gathering information and witness statements
- Observation - observing and recording facts and events
- Trace investigation - examination of fingerprints, breakage marks, DNA, etc.
- Registry research - searching for data in registries

During the investigation, there is a frequent consultation between client and responsible investigator, the section manager. This is an essential aspect of our approach. This allows the investigator to perform his work well-informed and keeps the client informed of the progress of the investigation.

Based on the findings, we conduct a data analysis. This leads to a well-structured report in which we present the following:
- information regarding the case;
- concrete evidence;
- analysis of the facts and findings.

The clarity, structure and value content of the report makes it immediately useful in legal proceedings. The reports produced by Van Kappel Security Solutions BV have proven to be of decisive value in many cases.