Disappearance of goods

Disappearance of goods
Somewhere in my trading business a lot of stuff disappears
Somewhere in my trading business, a lot of stuff disappears. Who is responsible for this? How can I quickly capture the perpetrator(s)?
You are director-owner of a consumer electronics trading company. Somewhere in the logistics chain, goods disappear. Every euro of loss comes at the expense of your profits! Moreover, this situation creates turmoil in your business. People suspect each other and there are tensions. As yet, you have no idea where and by whom it is being stolen. You know that all kinds of highly visible measures are likely to deter the perpetrator(s) only temporarily. You would prefer to catch them totally unawares in the act and fire them on the spot. You can't go extreme security on everything. You also just have to be able to trust your people. The culprit(s) need to get out soon!

Specifically, where do these things disappear? Who does it and how? How do I get the evidence around and the perpetrator(s) caught? How do I get my logistics chain theft-proof?
Van Kappel Security Solutions BV has extensive experience in detecting this type of fraud and provides conclusive and legally valid evidence. Our tactical investigation includes various investigative techniques including forensics and the placement of so-called thief traps. We work discreetly. This creates minimal disruption to the normal business process. Only the consequences are noticeable and bring a preventive effect.
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