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S. van Kappel (managing director)
On April 24, 1995, Van Kappel and his company Recherchebureau Kast were granted a license to maintain a private detective agency. With the establishment of Recherchebureau Kast, Van Kappel gave a remarkable follow-up to his studies in physical therapy and laid the foundation for his current firm van Kappel Security Solutions BV.

Because of his professionalism and customer- and result-oriented approach, Van Kappel is well known to the business community and various governments, at home and abroad. For example, at the request of the U.S. Consulate, he has been active within various investigative facets for years. Van Kappel has also made a name for himself as a residential fraud investigator for numerous housing associations. Several of Van Kappel's cases have resulted in case law.

In 2004, Van Kappel became an ECABO state-recognized practical trainer for the Private Investigator profession. Several students were apprenticed to him and they are now successfully continuing the "Van Kappel method" as professionals. In recent years, Van Kappel himself has taken a number of detection-focused courses in technical, legal and social fields. This has further sharpened his professionalism. Based on his social commitment, Van Kappel has been active as a volunteer emergency worker with the fire department until very recently. At the rank of chief guard, he held the specialized position of observer/scout.

Van Kappel is a self-made man with his own style who enjoys working for a fair and safe society. His skills are in file building, tactical observation, technical support, interviews and analysis.