Redress opportunities

Redress opportunities
Is there anything to be gained?
Does it make sense for me as a bailiff to initiate proceedings for my client? The claim is substantial, but is there anything to be gained?
You have been instructed by an important new client to pursue a claim against a debtor. The chances of the court granting the claim are very high. The claim is substantial; you will have to take legal action to obtain a title. But are there actually attachment options and are they sufficiently comprehensive? And if there are insufficient opportunities, then perhaps in the future? How strongly is the debtor connected to the Netherlands or abroad? Preservation orders dare you, but an investigation must be discreet......

I do start the proceedings because I look forward to the verdict with confidence. However, I only really score when the ultimate goal is achieved: my client's compensation!
Given the current laws and regulations in the Netherlands, it is difficult to legally generate the necessary recovery information. All too often, the court grants the claim with the net result that there is nothing to claim, simply because they do not know where and what to get. However, Van Kappel Security Solutions BV has found its way in this. We transparently provide the necessary redress information from home and abroad in many cases. We also provide tactical support by, for example, ad hoc determination of the location of movable items such as, for example, cars, boats, artifacts, etc. Tactical observation can also be a means of detecting cash susceptible to seizure.
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