Counter-expertise police investigation

Counter-expertise police investigation
I am convicted
I was convicted of committing a crime, but the police did a poor job! The facts are different! I want a contra-expertise!
You have been convicted by the police judge of committing a crime. But you are (partly) innocent. The police investigation, you strongly believe, was not conducted thoroughly and systematically. According to you, there is tunnel vision. The Prosecutor deliberately withheld exculpatory material from you in the criminal case. All the facts must be brought to the surface in their context. That will prove your (partial) innocence.

How do I make sure, that I do not remain the dupe of this miscarriage of justice? Being punished for what I did, okay. But not for what I didn't do!
Because of their employment history with the police, investigators at Van Kappel Security Solutions BV have thorough knowledge of police investigations. We know what can go wrong and where tunnel vision, for example, can lead. Van Kappel Security Solutions BV conducts the investigation again, to the extent possible, and or addresses certain aspects of the charges. For you, that could lead to the case being reopened or a more successful appeal.
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