Competition clause

Competition clause
Is this ex-employee picking off customers from me?
Is this ex-employee picking off customers from me? Does he approach my suppliers? There is a non-compete clause with a penalty clause. Will it be violated and how do I prove it?
You are owner-director of a trading company in Maastricht. Your company has customers all over the country. You have invested in a newly established branch in Amsterdam. That branch was to be run by an employee. The customer base was compiled by this employee, the new branch was ready to start. Your trade name underlies this. A non-compete clause was included in this employee's employment contract at the time. The employee suddenly resigned a few weeks ago. According to KvK records and signals reaching you from existing customers, he has recently started his own business in the exact same industry in Amsterdam. It appears that the ex-employee is now supplying a number of customers from the said customer base. Concrete evidence is essential to stop unfair competition and to make use of the penalty clause in the employment contract. Naturally, you are upset and furious. Moreover, you are potentially suffering great harm.

How do I get proof that the ex-employee is acting in bad faith and in violation of the non-compete clause in his employment contract?
Van Kappel Security Solutions BV provides the necessary evidence of the required severity in a short period of time. How, by whom and when were the customers approached and what specifically did this approach consist of? Is there delivery and how high is the turnover? Have negative statements been made and is there systematic?
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