Tracking missing person

Tracking missing person
How do I find him?
As executor of the will, I need to know where a particular beneficiary lives. But he once left for a foreign country and seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. How do I find him?
As executor of a will, you must ensure the proper settlement of a will. There is quite a bit of power to distribute and quite a few beneficiaries. One of them - who certainly does not get the smallest share - is untraceable, partly because the other heirs do not know him. You believe you know that he left for a foreign country years ago. So, how do you find the beneficiary so you can close the file?

How do I find that beneficiary? And certainly also: how do I find it quickly?
Van Kappel Security Solutions BV discreetly tracks down the beneficiary for you within a short period of time and provides you with his or her contact information.
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