That stalker must stop!
Your 19-year-old daughter has been systematically harassed by her ex-boyfriend for over a year. This stalking is becoming increasingly violent and threatening. The isolated incidents may be "Not directly actionable" according to the police, but this really has to stop. Because together, all those actions are really very wrong and threatening! Your daughter is breaking down! But it fails to convince the police of this. Your daughter is on her own; she is becoming increasingly anxious and desperate.

How do I provide proof to the police that this ex-boyfriend really is a severe stalker? And how do I get it to stop permanently?
With our years of experience in handling stalking cases, we also put a permanent stop to this stalker. Through our investigation, we build a record, which may well lead to a conviction of the offender. Van Kappel Security Solutions BV is highly motivated when it comes to helping victims of "sick" behavior of others. In addition, we have the necessary know-how and legal knowledge in stalking cases.
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