I have an argument with my neighbor
But has he gone completely crazy now: scratches on my car, mess in my yard, poop on my garden furniture...? Does he? Or some lunatic after all?
Annoyingly, you have been arguing with your neighbor for quite some time. Big argument. Lately, all sorts of things have been happening that you suspect him of. Scratches in the paintwork of your car, broken windshield wipers, car handles that smell of urine, plants pulled out of the garden and - a few times already - poop on the garden furniture and the front door. And it happens all the time when you are not at home or at night. It drives you crazy, what's next? Because of the situation, the peace at home is completely gone. It controls your entire family and the impact is enormous. The neighborhood police officer shows understanding but cannot do much more than be alert.

Who does it? Is it even the neighbor? How do I catch him in the act? How do I prove that it was always him or someone else perhaps at his behest? How do I recover damages from him? Why?
Van Kappel Security Solutions BV will ensure that facts are recorded as evidence and an offender is identified on short notice. That evidence can be adequately used against the perpetrator. Van Kappel Security Solutions BV can mediate between you and the perpetrator, or guide you in filing a report. We also pay attention to aftercare. In this way, we would like to stay informed about the course of action after the investigation is completed. Sometimes even in the role of advisor or intermediary.
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