Missing & Abduction

Missing & Abduction
My daughter is lost!
My daughter is lost! Where is she? What is wrong with her lately?
Your 22-year-old daughter has been behaving strangely in your eyes lately. Are her friends a bad influence? And now for several days she has also been unreachable and untraceable! You are very concerned. Of course, she's an adult now, but still....

You report it to the police, but they do nothing "Oh ma'am, we get a lot of reports like this. We understand very well that it is very annoying for you, but if we would have to investigate all these kinds of reports, we wouldn't be able to do anything else. And experience shows that after a while almost all of them simply surface again". That may well be, but this is your daughter and you are worried! This is nothing to her!

Where is she? Is she doing well? How do I get in touch with her as soon as possible?
Van Kappel Security Solutions BV treats your question seriously and quickly. We are making every effort to find your daughter (or son/wife/husband/...). Manpower will be deployed as much and as long as necessary. This does not involve a nine-to-five mentality. In addition, Van Kappel Security Solutions BV has a large network of informants within various groups in our society that, in these types of cases, has proven its effectiveness several times over.
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