I am being threatened and extorted
I am being threatened and extorted! How do I get rid of it?
You are wealthy. Criminals are on to you! Last week - when you were home alone - some figures came to your door and demanded a large amount of money from you, because otherwise.... They mentioned details of your life that indicated that they have been watching you and your family for some time. They were smart enough to make sure there were no witnesses. You still went to the police after a very bad night. But you don't have any concrete evidence! As a result, the police tell you that although they have obviously made a note of your story, there is little they can do for you at this stage. You are afraid! You really feel threatened!

What can I do? This is really a serious threat. But I don't want to pay, because then the end is lost and they will undoubtedly keep coming. But if I don't pay, what will they do to me and my family?
Van Kappel Security Solutions BV treats a case like this with the highest possible urgency. We provide professional protection and evidence regarding extortion. We then analyze the actual threat and collateral danger and provide advice. As an intermediary, we provide contact with the (appropriate) official agencies and provide them with sufficient guidance to solve the problem in possible cooperation.
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