Absenteeism fraud

Absenteeism fraud
He is supposedly sick at home
Ill? He's supposedly home sick, but is doing chores! I want to be able to fire him but need proof of this. How do I handle that?
You are the head of P&O at an installation company. A field service employee with permanent employment has been home sick for several months. But is he really sick? No, he is almost certainly working in a side job. Meanwhile, the employee has been spotted twice in his private car in the city, he should be flat in his bed and would not be able to drive a car at all?! He allegedly moonlights, according to a tipster. Only, the concrete evidence is lacking, so if we fire him he gets a bag of money too. We are just being laughed at. As an employer, with this legislation, you are already the loser from the start!

How do I get proof on the table that he's cheating? And if it really is, how do I then get it out of our company?
Detecting and proving illegal sick leave is a common assignment for Van Kappel Security Solutions BV. Our expertise in this is above average. We consider the interplay between client, research firm and often attorney essential to a successful outcome in such a case. Dealing with abusive absenteeism is a rewarding business because of its amoral and, above all, harmful nature on the one hand, and our clout and effectiveness in it on the other. In many cases, after our investigation, dismissal proceedings are not even necessary. After the fraudster is shown the investigation results in a confrontation, he is often left with only one option: to resign himself.
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