How do you get that proven?
Is it indeed the one employee who steals? How do you get that proven?
Your client, a wholesaler of automotive materials, has been noticing consistently unexplained inventory shortages in recent months. An experienced warehouse employee is suspected in the embezzlements. Due to a recent wage garnishment related to debt, his financial status is clear. That employee is very dominant in his behavior: he has a lot of influence over the younger warehouse workers. Confronting him without evidence will surely only lead to vehement denials. But if there is a "rotten apple" internally, and especially if it is hi¬j, swift and forceful action will have to be taken. Otherwise, the situation will get completely out of hand. Moreover, it is not certain that hi¬j is the perpetrator. Uncertainty undermines confidence and atmosphere in the company. The embezzlements must stop, so you need evidence for your client. If it succeeds, then there are sufficient grounds for immediate dismissal of the offender(s).

How to investigate for my client who is stealing? How long has this been going on, and is there e.g. an organized connection, or theft on demand, coercion, or fencing? You foresee an escalation within the company if this malaise continues. If there is evidence, action can be taken!
Van Kappel Security Solutions BV discreetly investigates and adequately provides the necessary evidence. The manner of action will make it perfectly clear to other employees that wrong behavior will not go unpunished! The evidence presented is of such weight that the court awards your client the severance payment you demand. Another scenario is the voluntary resignation of the employee and repayment of (partial) damages. Van Kappel Security Solutions BV is open to all options and tailors its course of action during the investigation accordingly.
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