Trace Research

Trace Research
My house has been broken into
My house has been broken into and the damage is extensive. But, the insurance company says that I was not broken into at all! They say there is no evidence of it! They don't want to pay! I am now a double victim....!
Your house was broken into a few weeks ago. A large amount of items (video and audio equipment, jewelry, money, laptop, etc.) were taken. The burglars did not use brute force to get in. You could barely see "breakage damage." The insurance company does not pay out because the insurance investigator claims the door was not properly locked. They say, "Just prove that your house was broken into!" The insurance policy states that there must be clearly visible breakage damage.

As if stealing that stuff wasn't bad enough! How do I prove to the insurance company that there really was a break-in? At least then I will still get reimbursed for the damage!
Van Kappel Security Solutions BV will request and critically evaluate the insurance investigation report. Photographs, reports and the police report are studied. Through our years of experience and training in criminal forensics, we will still be able to clearly visualize the break-in damage present. We are trying to make a connection between the traces found and the methodology used by the burglars. You can use this - if necessary in court - to prove that a burglary actually occurred and have your insurance pay for the damage.
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