Work control

Work control
My representative on the road performs very moderately
My representative on the road performs very moderately. The other day, a speeding ticket came in showing that he was well outside his zone during working hours. How do I control what this guy is all about?
You have 10 representatives on the road divided into as many rayons across the Netherlands. Your company sells industrial clothing and tools from a central warehouse. Your representatives give you a free hand, the basis of trust is great. One of your representatives is showing a sharp drop in performance over the last 8 months. He is behaving strangely; he is clearly stealthy. That may be so but not at the expense of your business! Is he in trouble or is he trading something himself that breaks the non-compete agreement? Is there something else going on? He's a good guy...right?

I want to know what he's up to! Am I being conned or is something else at play? How do I find out? A representative on the road cannot be controlled!
For Van Kappel Security Solutions BV, everyone can be controlled. In a case like this, it is also highly recommended. Every working hour for a representative is dearly paid. In this position, anyone can easily abuse their freedom for various reasons. Often it begins quite innocently, over time the innocent nature and your damage changes proportionately. Van Kappel Security Solutions BV is expert in verifying someone's movements in the "field" . We present a report within a short time from which you, the client, can draw your conclusions.
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