Residential fraud

Residential fraud
A tenant illegally subletting
The housing association for which I am acting as agent has an interest in irrefutable proof that a tenant is illegally subletting and actually living somewhere else. With this evidence, I can have the lease terminated in court and claim eviction!
You represent a housing corporation in Amsterdam. The corporation indicates that a particular address is being illegally sublet. This has long been a thorn in the corporation's side. Where the tenant actually lives is unknown, but it is certain that he does not live in the rental property. The property has constantly changing and nuisance subtenants. The lease terms include the obligation of self-occupation and the prohibition of inhabitation without the tenant's consent. A termination of the lease and eviction of the leased property is highly desirable. In addition to the neighbors' disrupted enjoyment of their homes, there is also damage from lost rent harmonization. Where there is subletting or reletting, the burden of proof must be carefully gathered. The judiciary rightly sets high standards for this.

I want all the evidence on the table so I can put a permanent end to this housing fraud. Given the nuisance, there is an urgent interest. How do we demonstrate this? With summary judgment, we will be the quickest. The client expects me to solve the problem!
Van Kappel Security Solutions BV is very familiar with the residential fraud segment. We have been very active for many years in detecting and dealing with residential fraud and nuisance within the corporate and private rental industry. We speak the language of all parties involved: the corporation, the municipality the police and local residents. We know when and where the necessary cooperation is needed. We understand the art of efficient and decisive action while not losing sight of the social character and objective of the corporation. In this particular case, an evidence report will be ready in a short time, showing both occupancy and nuisance. Based on the facts revealed by the investigation, we know the position of the fraudster and his attorney before they have had a chance to take it. This provides the edge that has proven decisive time and again. We provide the necessary handholding to be able to terminate the lease or have it terminated and successfully claim eviction of the leased property.
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