Are you in need for a declaration of good conduct from Indonesia for your (future) work or visa application? Hereby we will provide you with some basic information towards how to apply:

The Police Clearance Certificate in Indonesia is issued by the Indonesian national police. The certificate as such is available for all Indonesian citizens and for foreigners who lived in Indonesia for a period of time with a work or stay visa (IMTA and or KITAS) without a criminal record.
When you have stayed in Indonesia with a visa on arrival, business visa or social visa it’s formally not possible to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate.

If you are not living in Indonesia and therefore located abroad you can however still apply for the Police Clearance Certificate. We recommend using a specialized immigration law firm to help you with this procedure. The reasons towards the given advice are the following:

1. If you have stayed in Indonesia with a visa on arrival, business visa of social visa, they can help you to apply for the Police Clearance Certificate, to receive the documentation which will be accepted by foreign governments. This also holds if you stayed in Indonesia with an IMTA and or KITAS. The law firm oversees the quality of the application documents.

2. The application and guiding documents need to be delivered at the Indonesian police station and onze processed, the resulting SKCK or Police Clearance Certificate also need to be picked up again in person at the police station. If you are not located in Indonesia, it’s not possible to receive your declaration of good conduct directly as they will not mail the results to any location. The immigration law firm takes care of this process and will deliver the results to you. *

Documents needed for the application:
1. Application letter from your current or former employer in Indonesia (the law firm provides templated and guidance to fill out the templates);
2. Application form for the immigration law firm (provided by the law firm);
3. Fingerprints on the Indonesian fingerprint cards or fingerprint cards provided by the country where you are located (template provided bij law firm);
4. Four passport sized photos, 6×4, with yellow background (yellow background can be added by photoshop).

More information about this procedure can be found on the website of PNB Immigration Law Firm in Indonesia. The PNB Immigration Law Firm has a highly professional approach, werein their service can be classified as efficient and rapid and the communication in English is fluent.
Are you located in the Netherlands or nearby the Netherlands we, Van Kappel Security Solutions BV, are able to assist you where it comes to fingerprinting and the security towards processing your personal information and privacy.

* Fingerprints can be done at the Indonesian Embassy as well, they can send the documents to Indonesia for you. Important to know is that you have to go to Indonesia by yourself to pick up your Police Certificate Clearance.