Having your RCMP Certified Criminal Check done is very easy knowing which steps you have to take and were to start. Hereby we provide you with a short roadmap how to receive your RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check, quickly and easy.

Important to know for Canada is that you cannot send your fingerprints directly to the RCMP. You need to contact an accredit company that digitalizes your fingerprints and sends them to the RCMP.

Step 1:
Choose a company in Canada which is accredited to get your RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check.
For example: www.reliabilityscreening.ca
This company is reliable and you can submit the application and payment online on their website.
They have also the option to e-mail you the results of the Background Check, this safes you a lot of time.

Note: when you require the background check under the Privacy act (for US VISA applications) it’s not possible to receive the results by e-mail.

Step 2:
Submit your application and fill out the requested personal information on the portal, please be sure that the information matches with the information showed on your valid passport.
When you need a regular declaration of good conduct fill out RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check as a reason. Do you need the declaration of good conduct for a US VISA application you need to fill out Privacy Act as reason.

Step 3:
When you fill out all your requested personal information you need to fill out your residence information and complete the payment. Before you complete the payment be sure that the e-mail box is selected and change the priority post to regular post (priority post is also an option but is more expensive than e-mail and regular post).

Step 4:
Finish your application and payment. You will receive a confirmation e-mail/purchase receipt, this e-mail needs to be included with the fingerprint cards.

Step 5:
Have your fingerprints taken at an accredited fingerprinting agency that operates in an office making use of professional equipment and clean sanitary. Sending this package can be done by the agency or yourself. We strongly recommend that the sender uses FedEx by traceable means in order to ensure that delivery takes place asap and with proof of receival by the company in Canada. 

Step 6:
You have an appointment for getting your fingerprints. VKSS will take care of the whole process from there on including the “fingerprint cards” and other documents that contain the information you have provided. 

Step 7:
When the company in Canada receives your documents you only have to wait for the results. The results are available mostly in 2 weeks, our experience is that the results will be send after 1 week, exceptionally.