By now you have read the South African Police Services process for a Police Clearance Certificate (“PCC”) on

Getting your PCC from South Africa may not be the quickest process but here are a few steps to make it less stressful:

Step 1
Since you are not located in South Africa the process can be more difficult to manage by yourself successfully. Find yourself a South African service provider who provides the PCC application service, to handle the South African part of the process.

You are going to be dealing with a government department with strict rules, some more bureaucratic than others. For this reason, you are going to require a service provider to act on your behalf, do follow-ups with SAPS, collect your PCC as well as to send the PCC back to you.

The purpose of your application is important, is it only a PCC for work or do you need the PCC for Immigration? Also, your time frame will determine if you require an expedited service.

Here are examples of service providers our clients have used before, however there are several more (a quick internet search will provide you with several more providers): (PCC application) (PCC application apostilled) (Immigration)

Step 2:
Your South African service provider will provide you with all their terms and conditions but also their requirements (documents and forms) and process to successfully obtain a PCC.

Step 3:
You will at minimum need the following documents to apply for the PCC:

  1. A full set of your fingerprints taken on a SAPS 91 fingerprint cards.
  2. An application form,
  3. A certified copy of your valid passport. You need to provide the valid passport also to the Fingerprint Technician.
  4. Proof of Payment.

Step 4:
Have your fingerprints taken at an accredited fingerprinting agency that operates from an office making use of professional equipment and that is clean sanitary.

Step 5:
Make sure you have all the required documentation, your personal information and fingerprints as provided by the fingerprinting agency are correct.

Step 6:
You are now ready to courier all the documents to your South African service provider. Sending this package can be done by the agency or yourself. We strongly recommend that the sender uses FedEx by traceable means in order to ensure that delivery takes place asap and with proof of receival by the South African Police Service. Do not use the regular post as you will not be able to trace your documents including your fingerprints.

Step 7:
Make your appointment to have your fingerprints taken at VKSS. We will assist you with your fingerprints as well as arrange that all your documents including fingerprints to reach the destination specified by you. 

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