Please note that in case you are in need of or subject towards a screening that requires fingerprint services in Scandinavia, this might be an important notice,

From July 24th untill August 12th the team of Van Kappel Security Solutions can provide the fingerprint service on a location in Denmark, nearby Copenhagen.

Are you located in Scandinavia and is traveling to the Netherlands or other countries, where a licensed/ accredited fingerprintservice is situated, restricted because of the COVID-19 regulations?  

I can inform you that nevertheless we can offer a solution to have your fingerprints taken in Denmark in the mentioned period.

We take fingerprints for all kind of declarations of good conduct from different countries and towards different licenses, for example:
FBI Criminal Background Check
Gaming License
Liquor License
Teacher license
RCMP criminal record check
SAPS police clearance certificate (South Africa)
COC police clearance certifticate (Singapore)                                                                                                 and many others

Are you interested in the fingerprint service in Denmark? Please apply at our website before July 2nd and notice that you want to have the appointment in Denmark. You can also contact us at

Finally I can inform you that this opportunity will be initiated by us again at a later moment around  autumn/winter this year.